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Artist Profile type

The Fine Arts Bank platform provides several ways for artists to promote their profiles, artwork, publications, events and projects. As a member you will have to select the appropriate membership account type best suited for you with the choice of: 

  • The Artist profile; this profile type enables the artists to have full access of the website services and full tech support (please follow the step by step guide below). There is no setup fee for the artists, Fine Arts Agent works on a commission basis on any sales originated from any client, member or follower of Fine Arts Agent, fineartsagnet.com, fineartsbank.com websites and or any social media channels.  A standard artist profile may become a Featured artist profile by adding to Fine Arts Bank. If we can see that you are skilled, truly passionate and are willing to work with and helping by sharing you will gain ranking on Fine Arts Bank very quickly. 
  • The Featured Artist profiles; this membership type requires administration authorization, the artist will have all the online user functions and full support however, the featured artists will also have the benefit from the support of a sales team promoting their artworks to their clients. Fine Arts Agent will also be investing into events, marketing and promotions for the featured artists as well as working on sales & marketing, brand and awareness strategy with a minimum of a 5 year term agreement.

Fine Arts Agent may also purchase artworks for private collections, for the rental programs and for the investment collection bundle packages promoted to the high net-worth investment clients, stimulating sales for the artists and guaranteeing a sales track record on the secondary market with a commitment to the high net-worth clients to an exit with price appreciation. 

 Our aim is to see the artists obtain strong sales records and price appreciation on the secondary market, allowing Fine Arts Agent's clients holding artwork a return on their investment on the exit.  

Setting up your artist profile

Please login or register your new account if you haven't yet regiEdit Profile Appsstered here CREATE ACCOUNT.

Once logged in you may add or edit your artist profile information EDIT PROFILE. Provide as much details as possible for the viewer regarding your artist career (original content is preferred to help with google ranking for your page).

Here below is a list of content sections for Artists profile. 

  • About the Artist
  • Artworks Type 
  • Artist Style
  • Artist Education
  • Exhibitions
  • Awards & Merits
  • Media & Press
  • Donations

To Modify the background profile images click on Modify Cover 

Your Privacy Settings are found once logged in the dropdown menu under PROFILE in the user menu on the activity page  

Alternatively follow this link PRIVACY

As an Artist member you will find an Artist Tools menu once you login to the website designed to give quickly access anypage for adding, editing and promoting your artworks, including adding studio information, your sales dashboard, suggest a category for your artworks, your shipping information, your invitation cards, network invitation, affiliate panel to get commission for any sales generated from any contacts you invite, and more.  

You may also find the Artist Tools menu on the side bar once logged in.

  1. Click Artist side bar menu 
  2. Select your Artist menu item


Adding Studio / Vendor Information 

Your studio / vendor information are essential for displaying and selling your artworks. 

Please go to EDIT STUDIO to add or edit:

  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • IBAN
  • Paypal Email

 Additionally you may add more information about your studio under STUDIO DESCRIPTION (not required for individual artists).

Add your shipping information here ADD SHIPPING METHOD.

Adding Artworks 

 Once you have completed your Artist and Studio profile we can start adding artworks to Fine Arts Bank.
Please find Add Artworks under the My Studio menu section in the Artist Tools menu  

Alternatively follow this link ADD ARTWORKS

Multi Category 

You can select multiple categories for your artworks

Custom Fields 

Please complete as much information as possible to the form including multiple images from different angles of the artworks to engage the viewers. For the conditions field you may chose to add weather if the artwork is framed or unframed. 

Adding Tags 

Don't forget to add tags for your artworks!

Tags are the keywords and searchable tags so you should add what are the most relevant words connected to your artwork. 

Once you have completed the listing fields please accept the T&Cs and select ADD ARTWORK to complete. 

Artworks in the Profile & Activity page

 To display your artworks in the activity and profile page go to Edit Profile Apps
Select an empty box to place your Artworks  

In the popup menu select My Artworks app  


 Add Artist Publications and News

To add news and feeds please go to ARTIST NEWS FEEDS

To create a new article please click on the pen icon Article Creation 

the editor will open and allow you to create the article. Please select the appropriate category and add your title and content.You may add images, videos, tags and image galleries.

The article will be pending review by the the administrator before posting who will check for content and for any settings correction within 24-48 hrs.

Adding Videos

To add videos simply follow the link https://fineartsbank.com/art-videos.html

Click on select your Video Category and add your video link.

You can import videos from the following video providers:       

YouTube Live Leak Flickr Dailymotion MySpace Video Metacafe Vimeo Yahoo Video

If you want to make your video upload your profile video please click on the "Set as a Profile Video" link on the uploaded video page.

Adding Events

To add an event please follow this link https://fineartsbank.com/events.html

Click on  and complete the form with all the event details.

Network Invites

Fine Arts Agent likes and supports and rewards artists who share! Our invite system will allow you to track the people you invite and let you monitor who out of your invites have joined Fine Arts Bank. Additionally you will be granted a broker / finders fee of 10% sales commission from any sales made via any members your bring to Fine Arts Bank.

In order to invite friends please follow the link INVITE / FIND FRIENDS

The most popular methods of invite are via Email Network import

and via Social Networks import 

Alternatively you may upload CSV contact files or add individual email for invites.  

You may check the statistics of your invites and affiliated members by following the MY INVITATIONS link.

 Configuring your privacy settings 

To edit your privacy settings please follow the privacy page link found in MY PREFERENCES

 You may edit:

  • Profile Access from public to custom restricted visibility 
  • Friend request privacy
  • Who can send me chat requests
  • Opt-in / Opt-out of Emails and Notifications 

Support Help Desk / Contact Us

You may submit a support ticket to our team by following the SUBMIT TICKET link, you may check your ticket status in the OPEN TICKETS 

Please feel free to CONTACT US on our contact page.


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